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    Our Indian Takeaway Menu Our restaurant type has made a name for itself by letting our food do the talking. We aim to help people learn about and respect the Indian culture. We designed our menu around that theme. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the ingredients, how it’s cooked or its origins. We pride ourselves on unique food that stands out. We have a number of signature dishes that come highly recommended from our chef. Order the korma which comes with chicken or lamb mildly spiced with a touch of seasoning, onions, cream, yoghurt & nuts. Also, try out the Adaracki Gosht in which we cook lamb in spices, fresh ginger and medium spiced sauce. You won’t go wrong with these or any of the others options for that matter. Should you desire a seafood or vegetarian dish we have you covered as well! We have alcoholic beverages so you can literally wine and dine in the classiest of fashions. The food is so delicious that you’ll have to make more than one trip to enjoy it all. 

    About Spice Inn Cork

    About Spice Inn

    We’d like to introduce you to excellence in everything from food to service. The people of Cork work hard and you deserve to treat yourself to a phenomenal Indian cuisine. Most things that sound too good to be true are too good to be true, but our restaurant is too good and true. We get a tremendous amount of joy by putting a smile on your face. Bring your friends and spread the good news about what we have to offer. Take the liberty of calling us to hear the details. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will gladly help you out. Then hurry and stop in today and let your taste buds prove us right!

    Spice Inn operates on solid values and principles that embody amazing service to our customers. We have a goal of setting the standard to which other establishments desire to reach. Spice Inn has a pleasant atmosphere that invites you and your loved ones in for a wonderful experience, from start to finish. Consider yourself a part of our family. We aim to under promise and over deliver. Our staff will make a memorable impression on you. They will go above and beyond to meet your needs and to ensure your comfort. Our chefs take pride in their creations and that translates into delicious meals! Feel free to leave us a great review after enjoying your experience with us. And above all come back and visit so that we may put our consistency on display! 

    Restaurant location Spice Inn Cork

    Find US in Cork Make your way to us in the Cork area. You will find our restaurant to be easily accessible. A number of other stores around complement what we have to offer. So, on your way to run errands stop on by and refuel with a nourishing meal! If you need to put the directions in your gps use 87 North Main Street to get you right to us. We are proud to have a location in the lovely and vibrant island of Ireland. Nothing makes us happier to have our restaurant add value to the area.

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